Tough Conversations, Finally Decoded.

Discover the formula for approaching tricky conversations with CLARITY, GRACE and GREAT OUTCOMES, regardless of your job title, how motivated your peeps are or how murky the circumstances.


The Tough Conversation Transformation

💡 Discover the Golden Rule of Tough Conversations that turns tension into collaboration.

🌐 Learn proven strategies for crafting win-win outcomes in every situation.

🎯 Boost your confidence in addressing even the skin-crawliest, trickiest subjects.

🤝 Elevate your relationships & reputation by transforming conflict into connection.

Nova Peris

First Indigenous Australian Olympic Gold Medalist, First Indigenous Australian Member of Parliament

Leigh Sales

Award Winning Journalist,

Host of ABC's the 7:30 Report,

Author of Any Ordinary Day

Melissa Oh

MD Silicon Valley Office
US Department of Homeland Security

Dr Cathy Foley

Australia's Chief Scientist, CSIRO on Women in Leadership

70% of leaders report feeling pain over difficult conversations, but...

ONLY those who've mastered their messaging, make the shift from festering avoidance, to brave conversations that benefit people AND business.

Leaders from Australia's most well known businesses have leveraged Cath's, values-aligned communication strategies to get results. Especially for women in leadership.

Known as a message mastery expert, she's been asked to share the stage with Olympians, World Leaders, Leaders of Industry and Celebrities, empowering courageous conversations. No personality transplant required, no playing against your values.Y

More you. More resonant. More visible.

The 3 Biggest Mistakes In Tough Conversations:

Treating People How You Want To Be Treated

It's an outdated approach that leads to endless frustration for you and the team member you're trying to win over. The alternative is WAY kinder & more effective, as you're about to learn.

Having The Chat Badly

The most common mistake I see in Crappy Conversations, is leaders who DO step into the conversation, but they're not 100% comfortable with it, so they beat around he bush. They THINK they've had the chat, but the other person's not so sure.

Avoiding the Conversation

Especially for heart-led leaders, big empathy is a stumbling block until you have it under control. Then it's the asset it should be.

Learn to discern when to have the chat & how to make it easy.

If you've made these mistakes, it's not your fault.

But for confident, resonant communication, you must stop making these mistakes & start harnessing adaptive communication strategies effectively. That means communicating more inclusively. Strategically.

I've helped thousands of leaders face difficult conversations with strength and authenticity, to achieve successful outcomes. My goal is to help you do the same.

Introducing The Tough Conversation Cure

The Step By Step Program Transforming Crappy Conversations FROM TOUGH TO SMOOTH.
(Without Abandoning Your Values)

Take A Look Inside...



SECTION 1 (Valued at $997)

In this phase you'll discover...

  • The Don't be ARSD (At Risk of Self Doubt) Difficulty Decoder®, that's going to get to the core of the tough, in this tough conversation- and show you which approach to take, to get through it effectively, with grace and compassion intact.
  • How to read your audience
  • When to bite your tongue and when to let lose!

The Tough Conversation Formula

SECTION 2 (Valued at $1497)

In this phase you'll discover...

  • The 3 Golden Rules for navigating tough conversations with ultimate win-win outcomes.
  • Why all 3 steps are essential for maintaining business relationships and outcomes.
  • How to avoid the frustration of "But I TOLD them! Why aren't they taking it on board?"
  • Tough conversations only feel great for narcissists. But with these 3 Golden Rules, you'll be respectful and effective, with the confidence to make the conversation happen.

Breaking Bad News

SECTION 3 (Valued at $297)

In this phase you'll discover...

  • The kind tactic you've been conditioned to, that's doing damage.
  • How to avoid the frustration of "but I TOLD them! Why haven't they changed?"

When Your Hands Are Tied

SECTION 4 (Valued at $297)

In this phase you'll discover...

  • What you CAN do, when you can't take the action you want to take.
  • Corporate takeovers, MOG changes, economic downturns and

Plus A Get-You-There-Faster Bonus

The 'Pushing Back' Scripts For Saying No- Value $497

How do you say no without it being a career-limiting move?

Pushing back without looking disengaged in your job? And what if your heart really wants to help out... but 'helping' is taking more energy than you have to spare.

Total Value of $3,585


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You're Getting

Reading The Situation .......... $997

The Tough Conversation Formula .......... $1497

Breaking Bad News .......... $297

When Your Hands Are Tied .......... $297

The Pushing Back Scripts .......... $497

Total .......... $3,585


Imagine this...

Feeling confident to tackle your next tough conversation, knowing that however bad the news, you'll be left with mutual respect and a positive path forward.

How good will it feel to finally know how to approach the tough sensitively- but with such clarity that you don't have to REPEAT the conversation?

That confidence will make you feel great, but more importantly the approach you move forward with in future is going to give the other person a much better experience too.

As you read this, you might be wondering...

What if I'm not a typical leader?
Oh hun, NOBODY is! That's the great beauty of inclusive leadership. You learn that your own authentic style is what makes you successful. In the Tough Conversation Cure the communication strategies are inclusive too - so you're embracing your own uniqueness AND the individuality of the person you're working with.

What if my relationship is different?
This Conversation Cure will work for all tough work conversations. No matter whether the person is in your team, has a dotted line, is a supplier, a contractor, a peer or your boss' boss' husband. You'll find the answers to make it easier, and to keep it graceful.

What if I'm not naturally a good communicator?
Great communication isn't about natural ability, it's all structure and flow- and that can be learned. It's exactly like learning to ride a bike. No one is born a confident bike rider, they learn the process. You'll pick it up quicker & easier than you expect- and you'll learn to appreciate your own unique communication strengths along the way!

Unlike other Leadership Advice that's often 'OSFA' (the 'All' in there doesn't usually mean feminine, heart-led or quiet), I'll be sharing strategies that compliment your unique style.

It's called The Tough Conversation Cure.

It's time that tough conversations got easier - for you and the person you're talking with.

You're Getting

Reading The Situation .......... $997

The Tough Conversation Formula .......... $1497

Breaking Bad News .......... $297

When Your Hands Are Tied .......... $297

The Pushing Back Scripts .......... $497

Total .......... $3,585



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But why listen to me?

Because I'm not just a regular Coach.

I've been an in-demand global keynote speaker for over 15 years. Sharing the stage with Olympians, World Leaders, Business Leaders and Celebrities.

I've helped over 7,000 individual leaders (just like you) to communicate courageously in a way that's inclusive, values-aligned and supports business objectives.

I'm an ex-corporate leader with a teen, two tweens, a two-religions, multiple languages, neurodivergent household- and three lifetimes worth of personal experience with difficult conversations.

My personal Clark Kent to Superman story includes domestic violence, homelessness, five languages, four #1 bestselling books on courage & communication- the latest went all the way to the Oscars. And in London earlier this year, I was awarded the Bronze in the global, Women Changing The World Awards, alongside Nobel Peace Prize Winners and Royalty.

I'm not special, but I have spent hours refining how to communicate with powerful authenticity and helping others to do the same. This is the exact reason I'm so often invited to teach industry leadership groups, women in leadership groups, large scale conferences and in-house corporate teams, for messaging mastery.

Hear from others who've used my strategies

"Great combination of inspiring and simple, practical actions I can take immediately and also ideas for deeper reflection for longer term"

- Rikka Lintola, Treasury

"Fabulous and well worth it. Cath was fabulous."

- Jo Withford, Civil Engineer & Project Manager, Roads & Maritime

"Took so much away. Great presenter with a great wealth of experience and knowledge. Highly recommend."

- Chahida Bakkour, Head of Airspace Platform, Airservices Australia

Isn't it time to stop hiding your authentic self and approach these brave conversations with strategy and inclusive communication tools, to address issues with ease?

Isn't It Time For You To Get Past This Block?

This is the only program that will quickly show you the skills & strategies to approach tough conversations, for stronger relationships, reputation & business outcomes.

"Excellent. Cath is knowledgeable, interactive, the content very informative."

- Suza Imperatori, 7-Eleven Stores

"Cath was fantastic. So engaging and easy to relate to. A great facilitator!"

- Megan Jones, Director, Department Human Services


?? Will the course take me a long time to get through? Unlike other courses, this is not going to take you days to get through. In fact, you'll have a clear approach in under 90 minutes. I'm purely interested in getting you results fast.

?? How long is the course? I've designed it so you can get through it in one or two sittings. The course is around 3 hours of training. I guarantee this time will help you be a better communicator from here on in. Your time invested here will be well spent.

?? What if I don't have a 'Tough Conversation' I'm dealing with RIGHT NOW? Ooh lucky you! But research is showing 70% of people avoid difficult conversations. So if there's none yet, there's probably one coming. Take on the knowledge now and you'll be ready when it's your turn!

?? What if I'm not a confident speaker? This makes me both sad and excited. I'm still amazed at how many people thing they're 'not great' communicators. Great communication is not about eloquence or accents - it's about connection. This course is going to help you lean in to your current strengths and trust your new approach.

?? Is there a money back guarantee? Yes. We could easily sell this program for $1000+, I'm suuuuuper confident that you're going to be blown away with the value here, so I'm offering a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you complete teh course and don't think it's worth the investment, email the team at with the work you've completed and we'll refund your investment.

?? When do I get to access the product? Instantly. You'll get access immediately, I want you feeling more confident and having different- less tough conversations, today!

My friend, if you've read this far, you've obviously got a tough conversation concern niggling.

This is your time to commit to the process and finally have a communication strategy that delivers your message clearly, with grace and compassion- within the next 24 hours!

Don't go another 2 months or 2 years losing sleep over crappy conversations. See you inside!

Reading The Situation .......... $997

The Tough Conversation Formula .......... $1497

Breaking Bad News .......... $297

When Your Hands Are Tied .......... $297

The Pushing Back Scripts .......... $497

Total .......... $3,585